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Dyavola Crystal Lantern Lamp

Dyavola Crystal Lantern Lamp

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Transform Your Space Into A Sanctuary Of Luxury 

This exquisite lamp has won multiple awards with its ability to add a touch of sophistication and brilliance to any space. The Crystal Lantern effortlessly creates a captivating ambiance that will mesmerize and inspire anyone around it

A Blend Of Scandinavian Design Paired With Japanese Minimalism

Designed by Klarako's Scandinavian-centric approach to lighting mixed with a Japanese essentialism perspective - the Crystal Lantern came together as a pairing of two complimenting ideas that resulted in a beautiful manifestation of sleek luxury with astonishing style

A Uniquely Innovating Approach To Crystal Lighting 

This lamp redefines lighting quality and transparency by pairing a crystal glass light with our in-house developed "sunny side up" LED. The light refracts naturally through the crystal light that's hand-polished to perfection. The encasing is fully removable to give the light dynamism & additional features

Award Winning Craftsmanship That Imbues Functionality

This lamp offers aesthetic appeal, but is also highly practical. It features a convenient touch control panel, allowing you to effortlessly switch it on or off and adjust the brightness with a simple touch. The lamp is also wireless with the ability to charge.

Adds a Touch of Class & Elegance To Every Space

Award-winning for a reason, the Crystal Lantern takes any space and adds a touch of class instantly. Timeless both in its design and aesthetic, it stands as a beacon of luxury that transcends trends and is sure to illuminate the eyes of every guest & modern design aficionado 

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Beautifully Lights Up Every Corner of Your Home, Hotel, or Restaurant

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